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AI solutions for medical imagery






AI for medical imaging

Incepto’s mission is twofold: to help physicians identify, access and use the best-performing solutions; and create with them new applications, tailored to their specific needs. Incepto is both distributor and producer of solutions.

The ambition is simple: to help doctors make full use of the applications of technology to save time, improve the quality of their diagnosis and ultimately save lives. Incepto was founded by a team of three high-level profiles that complement one another in terms of their background and their expertise: Gaspard d’Assignies, Chief Medical Officer, radiologist, with a PhD in quantitative imaging, and Co-founder of the AI working group with the French Society of Radiology, Florence Moreau, tech leader, graduate of École Centrale Paris and École Normale Supérieure specializing in medical imaging software and coordination of international R&D projects for the past 15 years, and Antoine Jomier, business leader, graduate of École des Ponts et Chaussées, former head of sales at GE Healthcare, with cross-continental experience between Europe and the United States, and specialist in innovative, high-growth businesses.

Incepto has won multiple awards over the past few months: winner of the Let’s Go France awards, Bpifrance’s Innovation operated competition and the Innovation Competition at the 2018 Journées Francophones de Radiologie.

Incepto responds to fundamental public health concerns:

  • Accelerating the fight against cancer, and neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases (among the leading causes of death in France) by improving the speed, timing and quality of diagnosis of these conditions using solutions powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Fighting the effects of medical deserts: by helping reduce waiting times for exams, which can currently be as long as 54 days (!) in some regions, and offset the shortage of specialists for certain serious conditions, which forces patients to travel up to several hours to large cities.
  • Supporting doctors, by giving them resources to cope with the exponential growth of health data that needs to be analyzed. Radiologists see up to 50,000 images pass before their eyes every day. That is 40 times more images than 30 years ago, compiling vast amounts of data that exceed the capacity of the human brain. AI provides doctors with a way to optimize their time, prioritize patient care and focus on treating the most serious cases.

To do that, Incepto has come up with a disruptive innovation, currently the only one of its kind in Europe in this form: a platform that provides physicians and hospitals, via a subscription, with plug and play access—meaning no special equipment required—and a bundle of applications based on the most advanced artificial intelligence models. Ten medical centers and clinics have already subscribed to the service, on the way to a target of 35 subscribers by the end of 2020


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