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About us

We invest in companies that leverage differentiated technologies and scalable business models to generate financial returns and drive innovation.

Target sectors

Enterprise software

Fintech / Insurtech

Digital health

Consumer tech

AVP invests across stages, from venture to late stage

AVP is a €1.6bn venture capital firm

Investing in venture stage, growth and late stage companies through various investment vehicles.

We partner with exceptional founders who are building great companies. In our venture stage investments, we look for product-market fit and initial traction. In our growth-stage investments, we seek companies with attractive unit economics, a robust customer base, and significant revenue growth.

Together with our direct investment strategy

AVP manages a €500m fund investing strategy.

AVP will commit to managers with experienced teams and proven track records. Our fund investing strategy benefits from AVP’s global presence and unique relationship with AXA/Equitable for business development opportunities.

Fund investing
  • AVP’s fund investing strategy aims to build a global portfolio of top-tier venture capital funds.
  • AVP builds relationships and partners with venture stage, and growth managers with privileged access to next-generation entrepreneurs at the forefront of technology.
  • AVP’s global offices provide reach to connect with venture capital managers in their ecosystems.

Access to AXA and a large network of Corporates and Institutions, when you need it

Our relationship with AXA means unique access for our portfolio companies to:

Some of the world’s best risk managers, financial advisors, and data scientists

AXA’s distribution networks and client base

AXA’s strong global franchises and different lines of expertise – Property & Casualty, Life & Savings, Health, and Asset Management – provide a distinctive business portfolio.

AVP’s expertise in our target sectors, global footprint, and relationship with our anchor investors AXA/Equitable and other LPs allow us to meaningfully help our portfolio companies realize their potential.

Our Values

Guide our investment decisions and ensure alignment with our mission, ethics, and long-term goals.

1. We strive for excellence

  • Investment performance: We prioritize achieving outstanding returns on investments through research, due diligence, and strategic decision-making.
  • Results: We are focused on delivering tangible and measurable outcomes for our portfolio companies and stakeholders, striving for exceptional success.
  • Impact: We aim to make a positive and meaningful impact on the industries we invest in, fostering innovation, sustainability, and societal progress.

2. We act with humility

  • Respect: We treat everyone with respect, valuing diverse perspectives and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is heard.
  • Listening: We actively listen and seek to understand different viewpoints, recognizing that collective wisdom leads to better outcomes.
  • Open-minded: We maintain an open-minded approach, embracing new ideas, feedback, and continuously learning and evolving as a team.

3. We say things as they are

  • Transparently: We believe in open and transparent communication, providing clear and honest information to all stakeholders.
  • Honestly: We value integrity and ethical conduct, ensuring that our actions and decisions are guided by honesty and fairness.
  • Respectfully: We communicate with respect, fostering constructive dialogue and maintaining professional relationships built on trust.

4. We get things done

  • Bias for action: We prioritize taking decisive actions, seizing opportunities, and driving progress rather than being passive.
  • Ambition: We embrace ambitious goals and strive to push boundaries, continuously challenging ourselves and our portfolio companies to achieve greatness.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: We cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging innovative thinking, agility, and an appetite for calculated risk-taking.

5. We build long-term relationships

  • Entrepreneurs: We establish strong and collaborative partnerships with entrepreneurs, supporting them beyond just financial backing, and providing guidance and resources.
  • Lps: We foster trust and transparency with our Limited Partners, recognizing their crucial role and ensuring their long-term satisfaction and success.
  • Stakeholders: We prioritize building enduring relationships with all stakeholders, including employees, industry partners, and the communities we operate in.

6. We are in this together

  • Firm first: We prioritize the collective success of the firm over individual interests, fostering a collaborative and team-oriented culture.
  • Meritocracy: We value meritocracy, recognizing and rewarding talent, expertise, and contributions based on individual capabilities and achievements.
  • Diversity & inclusion: We embrace diversity and inclusion as a source of strength, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives and backgrounds are valued, and everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

We have set-up at AVP a dedicated offer on business development specifically designed for our portfolio companies. The objective of this “tailor made” approach is to help our companies grow by connecting them to relevant business leaders within the organizations we work with, in particular AXA/Equitable. We have shortened the sales cycle from significantly more than a year to several months on average."

Sébastien LoubryAVP, Partner and Head of Business Development