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Dear friends of AVP,

Over the past few days, all of us in AVP have been devastated to see that war is back at our doors in Europe.

As a global team with different backgrounds and origins and as an organization with a significant European footprint, all our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine. We all feel very close to them today.

Concretely, AXA Venture Partners has decided to make a donation to the International Red Cross to support civil populations in Ukraine as well as to assist the increasing number of refugees reaching the neighboring countries. In addition, our organization will match any AVP employee donation.

We have also reached out to all our portfolio companies to first and foremost offer our help in any way if needed, as well as to understand the impact these unfolding events have had on their workforce. Only a couple of our portfolio companies have teams or remote employees in Ukraine, in all cases very limited.

Needless to say also that as a financial institution, and although we are committed to develop a diversified LP base, we will strictly apply all sanctions decided by governments and international bodies. More generally, we will always be careful about our investor base and will continue to rule out investments from any doubtful organisations and individuals.

We will continue to monitor the ongoing events closely and assess as best as we can the impact for our portfolio companies and our LPs, and if you have any questions or immediate concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The AVP Team