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About Zinc
Zinc’s all-in-one referencing and background-checking toolkit transforms candidate experiences, removing bias from references and providing clear actions from checks. Zinc empowers individuals to own and reuse their data, saving weeks of team time while ensuring compliance.

Charlotte Hall,
Co-founder of Zinc

Can you elaborate on Zinc’s approach to background screening and how it differs from traditional methods?

Zinc’s approach to background screening aims to transform the process, which traditionally has been slow and laborious. Traditional background checks can be plagued by inefficiencies, often taking weeks to complete. Zinc, however, leverages advanced automation to deliver results within days.

A key differentiator of Zinc’s approach is its seamless integration with existing HR technologies. Unlike traditional methods that operate in isolation and require significant administrative effort, Zinc automates and integrates background checks directly into Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and HR platforms. This streamlined process eliminates hours of manual work and allows HR teams to prioritise strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks.

Zinc’s approach signifies a shift towards efficiency and modernisation in HR practices. By turning a traditionally cumbersome process into a user-friendly experience, Zinc benefits not only employers but also sets a new standard for candidate care. This evolution in background screening mirrors the broader trend towards automation and integration in HR, reflecting the increasing demand for speed and efficiency.

Can you please tell me about your latest features or developments regarding ensuring compliance with employment regulations?

Ensuring compliance with employment regulations is fundamental for companies to uphold integrity, avoid legal complications, and maintain their reputation. At Zinc, we are focused on integrating automation into verification processes to enhance accuracy and ensure regulatory compliance.

Latest features and developments

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Check: We’ve recently launched our PEP check, aimed at evaluating how a candidate’s affiliations and relationships might influence business risk. This feature aligns with the standards of regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). By identifying key PEPs, we help companies prevent corruption and mitigate financial risks linked to politically connected individuals.

Instant Education and Qualification Check: We’ve developed the first instant education and qualification checking solution. This global verification tool reduces the typical four-week process to just seconds. By leveraging advanced character recognition and language analysis, Zinc compares candidates’ responses with certificate text instantly. This not only speeds up the validation process but also ensures compliance with minimal hassle.

Global Instant Employment Verification: Following the successful launch of the instant employment verification check, we have expanded this service to cover over 60% of candidates in various countries. Our Global Instant Verification confirms up to five years of employment history in seconds. Candidates simply select their country of residence and log into the relevant government site to upload employment dates and salary data. Recruiters can enable this feature in the Package Editor, facilitating accurate, fraud-free verification. This smooth process not only improves the candidate experience by giving them control over their data but also ensures compliance and efficiency in the onboarding process.

How do these features leverage automation technology, and what benefits does it offer to companies and candidates?

Our new automated features provide substantial advantages:

Speed and accuracy: Traditional verification processes that took weeks can now be completed in seconds, significantly accelerating the hiring timeline. By reducing human error through automation, we ensure that data is both accurate and compliant with regulatory standards.

Fraud prevention and regulatory compliance: Direct access to government data and advanced verification methods minimise the risk of reference fraud, safeguarding the integrity of the hiring process, reducing the risks associated with non-compliance.

Improved candidate experience: Candidates benefit from a swift, seamless process, retaining control over their data and avoiding lengthy verification delays.

This holistic approach ensures that companies can navigate regulatory landscapes with confidence, while candidates enjoy a faster, more reliable onboarding experience.

Could you share some examples of how Zinc’s custom-branded solution has addressed specific challenges in background checks, such as right to work, employment, ID, financial and criminal record checks?

We are leveraging advanced automation technology to streamline compliance processes. Here are some examples:

UK Right to Work check
Zinc is approved on the UK’s trust framework, offering government-approved identity verification technology that meets the latest regulations requiring companies to use an IDVT provider for remote candidate verification. Our global reusable right-to-work product simplifies document and identity verification, ensuring a seamless experience for both employers and candidates, regardless of their location. Using IDVT tech, Zinc verifies the right to work for British and Irish passport holders and UK share code holders, while also accommodating candidates without these passports by allowing them to submit their share code. By integrating with Onfido, we can quickly validate identity documentation by matching a live selfie image to the document image, ensuring authenticity with results returned in minutes.

Global Instant Verification Reference checks
Employment reference checks are crucial for ensuring compliance and verifying the accuracy of a candidate’s resume. Zinc’s global employment verification checks adhere to compliance standards and provide accurate employment history information, protecting companies from making poor hiring decisions. Our referencing solution is fully customisable, allowing employers to combine Employment Verification, Professional, and Regulatory References for tailored results. This comprehensive approach ensures that companies receive precise and relevant information to make informed hiring decisions.
By combining instant employment verification with professional or regulatory references, employers receive government-verified employment history along with detailed referee responses, essential for the recruitment process.

In your own words, what do you see as the primary value that Zinc adds to enterprises and startups?

Zinc brings significant value to both startups and enterprises through our streamlined background screening solution.

For startups, Zinc offers a quick and straightforward way to conduct due diligence on hires, eliminating the need for a dedicated HR team and ensuring effortless compliance.

For enterprises, Zinc handles high volumes of background checks efficiently, customising packages to meet high-growth needs without interruptions. Our global background checking tool provides access to top talent worldwide, ensuring thorough due diligence on a global scale. Additionally, Zinc places a strong emphasis on data security, delivering accurate information for informed hiring decisions and protecting business data. This approach allows HR and talent teams to focus on strategic initiatives and drive positive change within the organisation.