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AXA Venture Partners (AVP) manages $450M, of which $275M for direct investments and $175M for the Fund of Funds activity.
AVP invests across stages, from seed through growth equity. Our checks range from $300K to $20M.  
AVP invests in enterprise software, fintech, consumer tech and digital health, as well as other technologies relevant to insurance and asset management.

AVP invests globally through 4 offices : San Francisco, New York, Paris and London.


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Featured projects

  • Floome

    The Floome application is free to download and allows to see the blood alcohol level measured by the device on smartphone, along with lots of useful information such as the time needed for your body to eliminate the excess alcohol, the legal drink-drive limit, and any penalties you may face if you decide to take the wheel.

  • Biobeats

    Using existing wearable devices and smartphones, the BioBeats platform gathers biometric information then designs a coaching programme around that person’s health goals.

  • One, Inc.

    One Inc.’s platform includes policy administration, billing, rating, agency management, customer relationship management, document management, payment processing, data warehousing and business intelligence, e-signature, as well as many other functions essential to insurance companies.

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