Joins us at Station F – Thursday, March 22th from 9:30am to 11am

Corporate VC vs Traditional VC

Will I look prettier with a CAC40 name in my capital?
Are you an entrepreneur launching in the mad rush of your next fundraising?


Well, you must be prepared, understand what your options are, and which type of funds you need to talk to.

Topics covered:

  • A VC and a CVC in the same fundraising – a good idea?
  • Do traditional VCs and Corporate VCs have the same criteria of investment?
  • Which type of investor to choose for which size of deal?
  • Does a Corporate VC reduce my chances to sign a competitor?
Based on its in-depth experience of Venture Capital investing, Fran├žois Robinet, Founder and Managing Partner at AXA Venture Partners, will talk for an hour about the differences between traditional VCs and Corporate VCs.

Joins us Thursday, March 22th
from 9:30am to 11am


to share a breakfast and ask all your questions openly and informally,
and get the unique opportunity to have the vision of an expert in this domain.


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