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Cookies Policy

Trackers, or “cookies” are small files placed on your computer by the websites you visit. They are mainly used to enable websites to function, or to function more efficiently, but also to provide information to website owners to improve the user experience.

The website uses cookies.

Categories of cookies placed on the site

We use different cookies on the site to improve its interactivity as well as that of our services.

Internal cookies required by the site to operate

These cookies are essential to the functioning of this website and cannot be refused as the refusal to collect these cookies would result in you being denied access to certain services.

These are the following cookies:

    This cookie is used to keep the configuration of user settings when browsing between pages of the site.
  • wordpress_sec
    This cookie is used by WordPress to store administrator authentication information.
  • wordpress_logged_in
    This cookie is used by WordPress to indicate when you are logged in.
  • wp-settings-
    These cookies are used by WordPress to customize the user interface.
  • redux_current_tab,
    These cookies are set by a WordPress plugin to allow you to use the navigation tabs.

In addition, when you object to the installation or use of a cookie, a “decline cookie” may be installed on your terminal equipment and allows you to be identified as having refused the use of such cookies. Similarly, when you consent to the installation of cookies, a “consent cookie” may be set. The cookies saving your choice regarding cookie consent must remain on your terminal equipment because they are necessary for us to respect your rights.

Cookies for audience measurement

These cookies make it possible to measure the number of visits as well as the number of pages viewed on the website.

  • They are generated by Matomo, the statistics tool used by
  • They are deposited on your terminal and kept for a period of 13 months.
  • These cookies do not contain any personal data.


This Policy may be modified and corrected.
The information banner inviting you to view it and customize your preferences will appear on each visit after the last update.