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Behavior change platform




USD 7.5M


Dreamit Health




Wellth works with insurers and risk-bearing providers to motivate patient behavior change and better adherence to treatment through the use of financial incentives and behavioral economics strategies. Wellth’s solution is served through an intuitive and painless mobile patient experience that includes daily contextual and personalized nudges as well as quick ‘check-ins’ for daily medications.


The company focuses on better understanding and improving patient behaviors in costly chronic diseases where poor patient adherence is a major driver of preventable hospitalizations, readmissions, and other costs including Type 2 Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiovascular Disease, COPD, Asthma, and Behavioral Health. Within its existing implementations, Wellth has demonstrated adherence rates of approximately 90%, which is compared to an assumed average baseline of 50% (World Health Organization, 2003) and corroborated by improved health outcome measurements.

The WellthApp is a mobile application that makes it easy for target populations to start and maintain healthy habits such as pill adherence or glucose monitoring. Tracking and verification occur through the patient’s smartphone camera–users can quickly snap a picture of a pill in their hand and the time and date will be logged within the app.

Many times, patients leave a hospital and fail to follow the instructions given by caregivers and unfortunately caregivers are often not able to follow up with every patient’s activities. Using Wellth, patients can keep track of their medical activities with the application and that information is shared with primary caregivers.


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