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End to end encryption


Tanker is the first platform specialising in end-to-end encryption (Encryption and Key Management as a Service). Tanker guarantees the ownership, security and integrity of their data to users of SaaS services.

Formed in March 2015 by Guillaume Pontallier, Clément Ravouna and Cédric Gestes, Tanker provides software developers and publishers with an encryption solution and key management platform, which can be integrated as an SDK.

The solution is implemented directly in the code of SaaS applications, thus securing data that is managed through cloud platforms ‘by design’, without affecting the user experience. It can be integrated without any particular understanding of security issues. End-to-end encryption guarantees businesses a very high level of security: as a result, Tanker is revolutionising the cybersecurity market, by removing the need for businesses to install additional infrastructure that is cumbersome to manage, and often mitigating the lack of trust in the public cloud.

Tanker has built a team of 15 engineers and developers specialising in security. Funds raised will enhance technical skills by the end of 2018. The business is responding to an ever-increasing demand for security. As a European pioneer in its market, Tanker also aims to speed up its international growth, particularly in the United States. Tanker had already raised €1.5 million from private investors such as Philippe Delmas, Stéphane Fouks, Patrick Bertrand and René Proglio, who have been closely involved in supporting the business and its development.

Tanker works closely with the encryption research centres at ENS Ulm and INRIA, and is resolving the dilemma between maximum data security and the ease of use of SaaS applications. Tanker won the BPI France award for digital innovation in 2016, and employs 15 staff. It is already attracting major cloud players such as Wimi, and several groups listed on the CAC 40 French stock market index.


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