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Manish Agarwal

General Partner – New York

Manish joined AVP in 2015 and focuses on early stage investments, based in New York. He led AVP’s US and Israeli early stage investments including PG, Limelight, Mindoula and K4Connect…

Prior to AVP, Manish held a number of investing, operational and strategic roles. Most recently, he was the Head of Financial Protection for Equitable, responsible for the company’s life insurance business. He also led Equitable’s investment in Planmember and the disposal of the MONY closed block. Manish started his career at McKinsey & Co. where he led client teams in engagements across strategy, corporate finance and operations & technology.

Manish earned his M.S. and Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University and B.Tech. at the Indian Institute of Technology.



San Francisco

New York