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Smart solutions for today’s older adults




Séries B


Health Tech

K4Connect creates solutions that serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, enhancing lives by integrating the latest in smart technologies into a single responsive system. K4Connect products enable smarter living environments and healthier lives, while fostering family and community engagement. The founders believe technology should be purposeful, person-centered and harmonious.

K4Connect’s first product, K4Community, is specifically designed to serve the residents, staff and operators of senior living communities. Integrating the latest in smart home, smart wellness and smart living technologies into a single easy-to-use system, K4Community makes any senior living community a truly Smart Community.


K4Community brings together a plethora of advanced device, application and service technologies, making them accessible through both touch and voice technologies. In addition to being a ground-breaking amenity for senior community residents, K4Community also provides community staff and operators with the tools and data to provide the best in care and hospitality, as well as drive a measurable ROI through operational efficiencies and lowered costs.

Future products include K4Home and K4HomeCare, both designed for those living in their own homes.


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