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Hint Health powers tomorrow’s healthcare providers by giving them the tools they need to operate and administer their own plans, and by doing so compete directly with insurance-based models. Hint’s mission is to fix the broken healthcare system by fundamentally restructuring the way that care is delivered. Hint was co-founded in late 2013 by Stanford GSB alum Zak Holdsworth and CTO Graham Melcher.

The fixes cannot, and will not come from incrementally improving status quo insurance or carrier-led solutions whose success depends on unsustainable rising costs at the expense of patients, providers, and employers.


Hint is focused on powering provider-led solutions that are showing remarkable results in improving cost, outcomes, patient experience, and provider satisfaction. The basis of this success is rooted in price transparency, incentive alignment, and the removal of third parties (and their administrative burden) from payment and care delivery. Referred to as direct care, these doctors are paid directly by individuals or their employers, completely eliminating the insurance middleman. Direct care is a proven solution that is gaining momentum across the country and is the blueprint for a complete reformulation of healthcare delivery.

Direct care models have been praised by doctors and patients alike and have even achieved rare bipartisan political support, with dozens of states enacting legislation in support of the model.


Since late 2013, the Hint team has been building a solution that gives these organizations the administrative power of a health plan. Now with thousands of doctors and hundreds of millions in payments running through their platform, the company announced it has secured $10 million in Series A financing to continue expanding operations.

”The healthcare technology industry is for the most part irrelevant to our clients who are pioneering new care delivery and payment models - the solutions that exist today do not support them,” said Mike Lubin, Vice President at Hint Health. “We are working hand in hand with these organizations to invent an entirely new category of product that is a key enabler in transforming healthcare.”


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