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The New Standard In Usable Authentication




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Machine learning



Futurae Technologies offers a comprehensive and innovative authentication portfolio. Its future-proof and human-centric product ‘Zero-Touch’, offers two-factor authentication that works without any user interaction. The technology uses a machine learning algorithm to securely authenticate the user via ambient noise, ultra-sound and context information.

Futurae Technologies was founded by best-in-class security researchers offering a flexible portfolio of strong multi-factor authentication and transaction confirmation products for end-customers. Providing invisible security for web, mobile devices and smart home devices, Futurae protects personal identifiable information (PII) with their regulatory compliant products (PSD2, GDPR, PCI/DSS, HIPAA etc.), all the while never compromising on the user experience.


The suite offers a full range of authentication methods to plug and play, allowing for full flexibility to companies (e.g. ‘Zero-Touch’, ‘One-Touch’, Push, QR code, offline codes (TOTP), SMS (MTAN), transaction confirmation, single device, IoT authentication and context-based). Futurae provides frictionless logins to end-users across industries. Today, the company counts numerous scale ups and enterprise players mainly within the financial services as their customers, with operations across 17 countries.


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