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D-ID protects identities from facial recognition


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Privacy-enhancing tech

D-ID provides privacy solutions to enterprises who record or photograph individuals. Their proprietary software removes key biometric data from pictures and videos, while preserving key attributes such as age, gender and emotion. The company’s photo protection and video anonymization solutions ensure the privacy of individuals caught on film or camera, and allows organizations to store the media without risking heavy fines.

Corporations and individuals are in need of video and photo anonymization software, so that they can both protect their customers and users and comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations. While the pandemic has certainly hurt numerous industries, it has highlighted the need for privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) like those of D-ID. Protection against surveillance is one of the most sought-after ideas of the 21st century.

The need for anonymization spreads across industries and borders. In the automotive sector, driver monitoring systems (DMS) capture drivers’ faces, while medical facilities need to be especially mindful of higher privacy standards. Smart cities, media and entertainment ventures, and CCTVs are capturing and storing video footage at an unprecedented clip. The current pandemic has also fueled the rise of government surveillance, while enterprises store tens of thousands of hours of video every day.

D-ID was formed by Gil Perry, Sella Blondheim, and Eliran Kuta, veterans of Israel’s elite 8200 intelligence units. These out-of-the-box innovators rose to the challenge of creating the first facial image de-identification solution, to protect privacy without influencing usability. D-ID employs world-class experts in the fields of deep learning and computer vision. D-ID’s IP-protected solutions are being successfully implemented in leading fortune 500 companies and institutions worldwide.

In addition to D-ID’s proprietary privacy solutions, D-ID’s team has the top expertise, IP and knowhow in all Deep Learning techniques, especially when related to faces: synthesizing, reenactment, and other advanced AI manipulations.


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