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Maximum supply chain efficiency




IOT / Real-time data



Contguard enables enterprises end-to-end digital management of their entire supply chain with unparalleled visibility and control of goods-in-transit.
Contguard uses IoT-based cargo data and AI to provide real-time and actionable insights for better business decisions and maximum supply chain efficiency.

Contguard is a leading global provider of shipment monitoring and business intelligence services to companies shipping materials, components and products globally. Leveraging IoT, data analytics, and AI, along with an end-to-end cloud-based service, we are a key enabler of the digital supply-chain. The Contguard Monitoring unit installed on maritime containers transmit the information required to track and monitor the cargo’s whereabouts across the globe. This allows Contguard to provide clients with important information that saves on resources and delivers real-time information on the cargo.

Contguard uses advanced technology to deliver critical information precisely where it is needed 24/7. In today’s world, with the increasing demand for goods and raw materials, many organizations potentially need this valuable information on a regular basis. Having this information will allow them to save unnecessary expenses and maximize supply chain efficiency. Contguard specializes in delivering top quality service to shipping lines and freight forwarders who are seeking to provide full cargo control to their clients using high-end technological advanced solutions.


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