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The world’s best all-in-one globally compliant prospecting solution.






SaaS model

Founded in 2015 by James Isilay (CEO) and Stjepan Buljat (CTO), Cognism has developed a sales acceleration platform, intended to scale lead prospecting, enrich data and automate outbound workflows. Cognism is the only toll with an “all in one platform”, where sales and marketing reps can prospect leads, enrich data and automate their outbound efforts.

Cognism is the world’s leading all-in-one globally compliant B2B prospecting solution. Powered by patented AI technology, it provides organisations with compliant B2B data and a suite of sales acceleration tools to help action it. Cognism enables its worldwide business customers to find and deliver new revenue, faster.
Cognism is trusted by over 500 clients across sales, marketing, recruitment, events and technology. Adzooma, Vidyard, Clifford Chance and Frost & Sullivan are just some of the world-famous brands who benefit from Cognism’s leading all-in-one prospecting solution.

The introduction of the GDPR in May 2018 provided Cognism with the opportunity to build a leading compliant product. Its foothold in the UK and Europe has allowed Cognism to build up an exceptional network of localised regulatory knowledge. Through its association with a top UK law firm focused on data protection, Cognism has built a world-leading GDPR compliant prospecting solution.


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