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Floome, founded in Padua in 2013 by Fabio Penzo, Marco Barbetta and Luca Escoffier, has developed a device, with a dedicated app for smartphone, that allows anybody to transform one’s smartphone into a blood alcohol level measuring device.

Thanks to the technology developed by Floome engineering team, the pocket-sized device is competitively priced compared to traditional breathalysers. It uses their own sensors, has an internationally award-winning design, and does not need charging or for the batteries to be replaced.

The Floome application is free to download and allows to see the blood alcohol level measured by the device on smartphone, along with lots of useful information such as the time needed for your body to eliminate the excess alcohol, the legal drink-drive limit, and any penalties you may face if you decide to take the wheel.

The Floome app also allows you to call a taxi or a friend for a lift home, or even to find a place to eat something. Floome’s goal is to have a positive impact on society by , discouraings people from driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. The start-up expects to develop important partnerships with various companies in 2017 that will allow to offer additional services.


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