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We want to speak about our founders, who at the end, are the number one success factor for AVP. We would like for them to share with us their stories, motivations, advice and more.

Happy to start this series with one of our great women founders, Colombe Mandula from Simundia, provider of a digital coaching platform for personalized development experiences.

Colombe Mandula,
Co-founder and COO from Simundia

Hello Colombe! In short words, kind of like your elevator speech… How would you describe Simundia, why is it important to master soft skills in the workplace?

We created Simundia with my Partner Grégoire Schiller to enable everyone to be professionally empowered and transform aspirations and ambitions into actions, to develop their soft skills at scale and reach a better understanding of themselves and others, to manage their emotions and adapt to new situations, feel more confident and perform better. Soft skills are really key to having a successful professional life, though there are skills that are not learned at school.

Everyone needs a tailored approach to progress depending on their personalities, drivers, goals, ambitions and potential. Traditional training can’t do this, personalized coaching can, by creating a relationship with someone who listens and cares about you, helps you commit to objectives and timeframes.

How exactly will you describe your business model and what exactly is the role of technology in an industry that traditionally was more oriented to physical interaction such as coaching? How does Simundia customize its offer for every client’s needs?

Our methodology is designed to support large-scale business transformation, people have access to individual coaching for a collective impact. We help companies answer their main HR issues (transformation, diversity and inclusion, growth and performance and quality of life at work).

How will you describe the best balance between growth and profitability?

It is extremely motivating to see the great impact Simundia has on coaches, we see 95% of people see impact on their well-being, productivity and motivation and people. We get a lot of testimonies of people that loved their experience and saw a huge impact. Offering a service that is so meaningful with a lot of space for growth is really exciting.

The best startups should achieve growth and profitability: we are in a fast moving space at Simundia, it is very stimulating to be in that type of environment, we doubled the number of people in our team in a year enabling our company to have a good growth. The market of training/coaching is also growing quickly, companies have more and more needs we have to answer.