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2022 was a challenging year for investors and entrepreneurs, still living the aftermath of COVID and of course Ukraine war, which has resulted in supply chain disruption around the world, interest rates rising at the highest levels in 40 years, and lastly the collapse of cryptocurrency.

This is a real crisis for the start-up ecosystem and the VC world, but let’s remember that just like during the Dot-Com bubble, disruptive players like Google, Amazon and Cisco were born. We can expect this 2021 “everything bubble” year to bring unique competitors to the market.

At AXA Venture Partners we are proud to say that, despite such a bleak picture, we have managed to stay resilient, very disciplined in terms of price paid, and cautious about new investments.

We welcomed seven new joiners to the AVP family during 2022: Tracktor, Tive, Offor, Florence, Geomiq, Arta and Mytraffic, and had two successful exits: Tanker and Happytal. We also grew the team with 16 new members across our global offices.

We are proud of our milestones of the past year and can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring. This is why we have asked the Investment Partners at AVP to share their predictions and views for this year in terms of market trends, macroeconomics, valuations, digital healthcare, enterprise software, and more.