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Why we are excited about our investment in D-ID

D-ID is a Tel Aviv-based Creative Reality™ startup specializing in patented video reenactment technology using AI and deep learning. D-ID’s products range from animating still photos, to facilitating high-quality video productions, to developing high-quality digital avatars. D-ID aims to radically disrupt the time, hassle and costs involved in video production in an ethical way, allowing for the creation of highly personalized media using AI, specifically in e-learning, corporate training, marketing communications, AI assistants, history and the metaverse. To ensure ethical synthetic media usage, D-ID has partnered with leading privacy experts and ethicists to establish ethical guidelines and codes-of-conduct for their technology. D-ID’s customers include Warner Bros. Studios, Mondelez, Publicis and MyHeritage.

At AVP, we are excited about D-ID’s large market opportunity, high market growth, proprietary technology and strong team since our initial investment in early 2020. At that time, D-ID’s patented technology was used to protect images and videos, where the prevailing state-of-the-art alternative was to blur or pixelate images and videos. Founded by Gil Perry and two other members of the Israeli army’s cybersecurity and offensive cyber unit, 8200, Sella Blondheim and Eliran Kuta, D-ID has built a strong, technical team with deep knowledge in computer vision and augmented reality. With initial signals of product demand targeting a multibillion-dollar market, AVP led the $13.5M Series A round.

As D-ID applied their proprietary technology to various use cases, such as animating still photos, they partnered with MyHeritage, resulting in the viral sensation Deep Nostalgia, which has created nearly 100M animations across 22 countries since its launch, and more recently, LiveStory, which enables the creation of AI-generated biographical videos narrated by photos of users’ ancestors.

With this early indication of product-market fit combined with the rapidly growing digital human and metaverse market, identified to be over $3.5B today, D-ID is now extending their platform to engage new clients in the fields of e-learning, corporate training, marketing communications, AI assistants, history and heritage via digital avatars. D-ID has also partnered with The Glimpse Group, a diversified virtual reality and augmented reality platform, to develop AI, augmented reality and virtual reality applications for the metaverse.

We continue to be thrilled about D-ID’s progress and re-committed to the company by participating in the $25M Series B round. With an even bigger market size opportunity, strong product-market fit, differentiated technology and technical team, D-ID continues to make waves in the creative and ethical use of AI for B2B and B2C enterprises.