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After 20 years of business process digitization, most companies are now able to make operational, budgetary, and marketing decisions based on diversified, qualified, digital data. This has been the case for online business marketing decisions, but companies need to replicate their digital data-driven decision processes to their offline economy.

Companies such as Contentsquare have developed solutions to help corporates make informed decisions on their digital traffic in areas such as marketing or CRM. But making such knowledgeable decisions when it comes to the real-world, physical traffic is still a pain point. Let’s not forget the old way these decisions were taken: partial data, outdated marketing studies, and street counting. Beyond pure footfall and vehicle traffic analytics, real estate managers and commercial estate managers also need more data to generate yield from operations. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of online commerce, cannibalizing partially the offline businesses. A strong conviction is that offline distribution is transforming, in such ways as: showcasing, experience and customer loyalty. The businesses really needs to build an integrated omnichannel data stack. This is what set Hakim Saadaoui, CEO of Mytraffic, and Gautier Machelon, successful serial entrepreneur, to realize it was critical to solve those pain points.

Another thesis supporting our investment is the concept of smart city and the aspects it brings to our lives: better live in cities, adapting public policies based on quantifiable pains, better monitoring of the ROI and adapting city center offering. It has imposed itself in developed countries and sets location and traffic data at the heart of its analysis. For city managers and governments, it is barely impossible to pilot this transition without big data treatment capacities about car traffic and footfall.

Consequently, we believe Mytraffic solves vital needs across multiple industries: Retail, Commercial Real Estate, Cities, tourism, advertising, and mobility. Its growth is backed by trends in which we also believe at AVP: risk management in commercial real estate, digitization of economy, need to reboost offline marketing performance. They have attracted major customers, such as Cushman & Wakefield, Primonial, l’Agence Nationale de la Cohésion des Territoires, and Homebase.

Mytraffic has developed a big data software solution which is unmatched by competition, addressing a multibillion market that leaves room to develop a business size in line with our growth investment strategy. The company collects, anonymizes, and enriches various pipelines of data, of which traffic and vehicle drive a major part of the business, then displays it on a SaaS basis in industry-tailored dashboards. Their analytics have been specifically designed for business owners and managers, not data analysts. They are ready to use and tailored to their clients’ use cases, derived from the firm’s initial offer in consulting services. The tool has proven to have a high customer satisfaction, with a low churn rate that keeps decreasing.

We are deeply confident in the execution capacity of the Co-founders and top management. They are bright, complementary, and high-performance individuals who put a strong focus on the quality of recruitment throughout the scaling process. They have launched operations in 7 markets: France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Netherlands. Management team has also put GDPR at the core of its culture. This was confirmed by the French regulator, CNIL, the most demanding of the world when it comes to data privacy.

Mytraffic has achieved impressive financial performance. As it experienced +100% YoY growth in 2021 and expects to continue in the coming years

Last but not least, the level of awareness Mytraffic has given to ESG, very mature for a company in this stage, has really impressed us. For instance, early 2021, they set-up a specific “Citizen Day Initiative” where each employee may dedicate 4 working days per year to support an association.

We’re proud to accompany Mytraffic’s European development of their trailblazing product.